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'''Cosmic Railroad''' is a musical ensemble|band formed in 1999 in Kenosha, WI by Greg Gierl, Mike White, Paul Aceto, Brandon Shilts, and Pete Rallo. In early 1999, Rallo and Shilts were playing in the Kenosha area with a group called Uncle John's Band and had some mild success, while Gierl, White, and Aceto played in another band called Strawberry Square. After the release of Strawberry Square's first album "Just a Ride" in 1998, they had several member changes. Both bands found themselves playing shows together as separate bands, then joining together for a set (music)|set at the end of the night. Early on, after two members of Strawberry Square departed and another group, Uncle Ray's Garden, lost their bass guitar|bassist and drummer, the two bands merged as a new group, Cosmic Railroad. Playing with such greats as Vinnie Welnick, Tom Constanten, Bob...
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